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Alain d Woolf Ovation SA profile image

Alain D Woolf

Singer - Comedian - Impressionist - Hypnotist - Master of Ceremonies - The Power of the Mind

Alain D Woolf is one of South Africa’s most versatile artistes that captivates audiences as a master of ceremony in addition to that he, can sing, dance, and make you laugh, hypnotize your office or even release the power you bear in your mind!

Alain d Woolf has performed internationally through television, film, and live performances. His last international show was a season as a headliner at the Sydney Comedy Store. His versatility has taken him through a range of comedy genres including stand-up, candid camera, and comedy hypnotism.

Now back, Alain d Woolf is ready to split the sides of South African audiences from Johannesburg to Cape Town – he will bring a message to all in the voice of Nelson Mandela. Alain’s 45-minute show is pure captivating entertainment.

Equipped with a lifetime of stage performance, a lifetime of therapeutic hypnosis, and 35 years of imparting knowledge as a flying instructor, entry into the public speaking arena was a natural transition.

Alain d Woolf’s POWER OF THE MIND presentation was born out of an insatiable desire to inspire others to stretch their minds and consequent goals beyond what they believe to be their limits so that they can benefit themselves, their teams, and their families.

After joining SWAP in Sydney, Australia, Alain d Woolf performed for a traditional Business Meeting and was invited soon after to be one of 4 key speakers at the 30th National Australian SWAP anniversary.

Now back in South Africa, Alain d Woolf is now poised to introduce his POWER OF THE MIND presentation to the corporate world here in an effort to foster greater energy and inspiration in reaching higher goals so that more people will find the joy of success for themselves, their teams and their families.

The presentation is integrative and stimulates active audience involvement and participation. The ‘take-out’ is tremendous after-show interest.

Alain d Woolf illustrates through his presentation THE POWER OF THE MIND, that our minds can project us beyond the barriers that we accept as the limits to our energy, efforts, and what we are led to believe are the boundaries of our destiny.

Alain d Woolf inspires participants and the audience into continued mind education and gives an overview of Emotional Intelligence and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

The Power of The Mind works well in conjunction with conferences and seminars and delivers a strong subliminal message supporting the pillars of inspiration, motivation, and success in achieving personal, team, and corporate objectives.

The talent he oozes encourages the shyest of the shy, get up and sing during a karaoke Idols competition.