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Bryan Miles

Mentalist - Illusionist - Mind Control

Bryan Miles gives one of the most incredible live entertainment acts of its kind in the country. Bryan Miles is a master of the manipulation of the mind!


“Bryan Miles – Mind Waves”

This is the performance that has taken Bryan Miles around the world – and made him two-time special guest artist at the famed Magic Castle in Los Angeles – the only South African performer to do so. One of the most incredible live entertainment acts of its kind in the country, Bryan Miles is a master of the manipulation of the mind!

His ground-breaking primetime SABC TV series, ‘One Day with Bryan Miles’ has had South Africans across the country questioning what is possible and what is not.

The performance combines incredible mind control, unbelievable deception and impossible demonstrations – high octane entertainment that will leave audiences reeling. Imagine your guests’ amazement when Bryan Miles extracts their innermost secrets … predicting their every thought! His performance is guaranteed to keep you questioning the potential of the human mind – an astounding array of skills including psychology, influence, illusion, ESP and the sheer power of suggestion.

The intimate close-up experience will commence the set as guests arrive where the impossible happens in the spectator’s hands. Ideal for walk-around– during cocktails or at the dinner table – this intimate performance creates the same impossible reactions … leaving guests dumbstruck.

Bryan mingles with your guests, spending time at each and every table, then draws them in for an extraordinary encounter with the unbelievable … thereafter he will present his main stage performance.

Every year, hundreds of corporates across the country rely on Bryan Miles to deliver maximum amazement. You’ll leave speechless, bewildered, laughing and raving about your event for many months to come – the experience defies explanation. This is mind control on a whole new level!

Incredible interactive psychological illusions leaving you to question the potential of the human mind!




“This is not normal”

Marc Lottering

“You sent a shiver down my spine”

Graeme Richards

“Bryan Miles is Amazing”

Jack Parow

“Absolute genius”

Leigh-Anne Williams

“You’ve watched The Mentalist – now meet the real thing”

Independent Newspapers