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Terms & Conditions

This agreement ("Agreement") is mutually agreed upon between Ovation SA and The Act/Band.

Ovation SA hereby engages the Act/Band and the Act/Band accepts the right to be marketed through Ovation SAs various marketing platforms with the aim of securing performances for the
Act/Band. The Act/Band hereby gives Ovation SA permission to use all approved marketing material applicable to the promotion of the Act/Band. The Act/Band agrees to make all necessary marketing material available to Ovation SA for this purpose.

It is hereby understood and agreed that Ovation SA may propose The Act/Band for any work opportunity they deem suitable for The Act/Band. The Act/Band agrees that any engagements
offered as a result of this agreement shall be negotiated through Ovation SA. The Act/Band agrees that any further engagements offered as a result of an engagement booked by Ovation SA shall be negotiated through the Ovation SA, and not privately through The Act/Band. Failure to adhere to this will result in the The Act/Band being invoiced accordingly for loss of income due to conflict of interest. Where The Act/Band is represented and booked for an engagement through another contracted Agency, this clause will not apply.

Final confirmation and acceptance to perform at the selected venue is subject to mutual agreement. Acceptance of a performance will be confirmed in writing and is legally binding. The Act/Band understands and accepts that Ovation SA will charge the Act/Band a 20% commission of the rate agreed upon for each performance. The Act/Band hereby agrees that this commission may be deducted from the payment by the end client and the balance payed to Act/Band. A 20% deposit will be payed to the Act/Band in order to confirm a booking. Ovation SA accepts no responsibility for non-fulfilment of contract. The Act/Band will be liable for any losses to venue due to wilful misconduct, gross negligence or non-fulfilment of contract.

The Act/Band hereby certifies that any information the Act/Band has submitted is accurate. The Act/Band confirms that no photographs, videos, sound clips or any other marketing material made available to Ovation SA for marketing purposes infringe upon any copywrite laws, national or international. Ovation SA will not be held liable for any copywrite infringement that may result from material provided by the Act/Band.

The Act/Band gives Ovation SA permission to use the audio, video and any other media related content provided to Ovation SA upon account creation. Ovation SA will only use the provided media content on Official Ovation websites, advertising and any other Ovation SA related platforms.

This agreement does not signify an exclusive engagement and the Act/Band reserves the right to accept bookings for any work that he may source directly from a client or which may be provided through other entertainment agencies, agents, managements, etc., both in South Africa and internationally. Should the Act/Band wish to be represented exclusively by Ovation SA, this can be discussed with an Ovation SA representative.

In the event that the Act/Band or Ovation SA choose to cease or DISCONTINUE their ongoing working relationship for whatever reason, the Act/Band must adhere to the follow steps:

  • Submit a letter of account closure to or
  • An Ovation representative will notify the Act/Band of account closure letter receival.
  • The account closure will only take effect after 30 days.

The Act/Band reserves the right to accept bookings directly from any client after the agreement with Ovation SA has ended.

It is the responsibility of the Act/Band to update their rates as and when necessary.

Ovation SA reserves the right to reject any profiles that contain misinformation or inappropriate content, as deemed by Ovation SA. Incomplete profiles will not be approved.

In agreeing to this contract, the Act/Band agrees to the terms and conditions laid down herein.